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PetAg Nurser Bottle (2 Sizes)


PetAg Nurser Bottles promotes natural feeding in newborn animals and is recommended for use when the mother is unable to feed her offspring by herself.

The nursing action when feeding with PetAg Nurser Bottles will aid in developing the animal’s facial muscles and encourage normal flow of saliva.

PetAg Nurser Bottles have marked graduations on the bottle, making supervising food intake easier and preventing over or under feeding.

With a durable and flexible silicon nipple, PetAg Nurser Bottles allow pets to refuse feeding when full.

Suitable For
Small and large pets.

Directions For Use
Before use, please make an incision on the nipple tip appropriate for the pet you are feeding, by cross-cutting with a razor blade, or stitch or snip through with a strong needle or something sharp.
Check flow with water- with slight pressure to the nipple, a steady drip or stream should be observed.
Rinse and wash bottle, cap and nipple thoroughly with hot, soapy water.
Sick pets should not share bottles.

Product Dimensions
This product is available in 2 sizes:

  • 2 oz for small animals.
  • 4 oz for larger animals.