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Petz Route Playful Beetle Cat Teaser Toy

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Petz Route Playful Beetle Cat Teaser Toy is the one you cat won't stop playing with.

The Playful Beetle comes with colourful and reflective wings that makes crackling sound when played with, thus attracting your cat's curiosity.

This cat teaser toy also has natural feathers attached to it, and it will mimic the enjoyment your cat gets when hunting little birds.

Fun and interactive, the Playful Beetle will give your cat some exercise and satisfy his natural hunting instincts.

This toy is also safe to play and the bottom handle of the stick is covered with a layer of rubber to prevent any pain from holding it.

Fun tip: You can sway this toy left and right on the floor to lure your cat into stalking and bopping or sway the toy up and down to get your cat to jump and bat it.

Either way you do it, it will be lots of fun for you and your feline.

Product Dimensions: 35cm (length of stick)

Product Materials: Vinyl Chloride (rod), Polyester Rayon and Natural Feathers (beetle)