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Red Dingo Padded Harness Hot Pink M

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Red Dingo Padded Dog Harness is a padded harness for your dog, made with nylon webbing and fitted with plated carbon steel D-rings and their trademarked buckle bone side release buckle.

With premium soft fleece lining padding, your dog will feel very comfortable wearing the Red Dingo Padded Dog Harness.

A reflective fabric is used in the Red Dingo Padded Dog Harness to make your dog more visible and safely avoid unnecessary accidents, even in the dark.

Red Dingo Padded Dog Harness is highly durable and adjustable, and can be worn by any dog for a worry-free walk!

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Dimensions
XS: Chest - 31 to 43 cm (Eg. Chihuahua, Fox Terrier)
S: Chest - 37 to 52 cm (Eg. Yorkshire, Maltese Terrier)
M: Chest - 46 to 63 cm (Eg. Beagle, Border Collie)
L: Chest - 56 to 80 cm (Eg. Labrador Retriever)
XL: Chest - 72 to 112 cm (Eg. Bull Mastiff, St Bernard).