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Royal Canin Feline Norwegian Forest Cat Dry Food 2kg


Royal Canin Norwegian Forest Cat is a balanced, complete food specifically for Norwegian Forest Cats. These cats are easy going, fun cats which a pleasant personality. They make great pets but are quite lively by nature. They love to hunt, climb and roam around.

They have a beautiful coat which needs daily grooming. They have an under coat which is thick and fluffy. The beautiful top coat is water repellent and keeps your cat warm. These cats don't have a problem going out in bad weather. They are slow developers and only reach maturity at about 4-5 years.

Royal Canin Norwegian Forest Cat is a dry food which is tailor-made for Norwegian Forest cats. It is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, L-carnitine and borage oil, all of which help to keep your pet's skin healthy and fur thick and shiny. They also help to soothe irritated skin and support the skin barrier function.

This food also has a special combination of nutritional fibres which can help to reduce hairball formation. It also provides your cat with just the right amount of energy to help maintain the right weight. Excess weight can put stress on joints and bones.

FOS (fructo oligo saccharides) promote good gut bacteria and can help to prevent pathological bacteria, which can cause infectious diarrhoea, from spreading. FOS helps to keep the gut flora healthy and encourages a good digestive system. The kibble is specially designed for the Norwegian Forest cat's strong jaw and is the right shape and texture to make it easier for your pet to grasp and encourage it to chew.

Royal Canin Norwegian Forest cat dry food at a glance:

  • Special recipe for Norwegian Forest cats
  • For cats over 13. months
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, L-carnitine and borage: For healthy skin and beautiful fur. This food can have a positive effect on skin irritations and promotes a healthy skin barrier function.
  • Special combination of nutritional fibres: Can help to prevent hairball formation
  • Appropriate energy content to help your cat maintain its ideal weight and reduce joint stress
  • Fructo oligo saccharides (FOS): can help to promote healthy gut bacteria and a good digestive system
  • Special kibble: which is the right shape, size and density for Norwegian Forest cats
  • Can help to keep the urinary tract healthy
  • Very tasty, made using only the very best ingredients