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Royal Canin Canine Adult German Shepherd 11kg



ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Adult is specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of your adult dog and is suitable for German Shepherds 15 months and over. ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Adult promotes optimal digestive health thanks to its content of highly digestible LIP proteins and a selection of specific fibers that limit intestinal fermentation and help maintain the good balance of intestinal flora.

ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Adult is specially designed to help strengthen the skin's barrier role. This specific formula also contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, nutrients which have the function of preserving and nourishing the skin and coat of your dog. The German Shepherd is known for his lively temper and his strong participation in activities. This is why a diet containing nutrients that promote joint health can help maintain the high level of activity of this breed. This is why ROYAL CANIN® German Shepherd Adult is enriched with specific nutrients to maintain healthy bones and joints. In addition, this formula also helps maintain your dog's healthy weight.

Digestive performance
Participates in good digestive health while taking into account the digestive sensitivity of the German Shepherd, thanks to the hyperdigestible LIP proteins and a selection of specific fibers to limit intestinal fermentations while preserving the balance of the intestinal flora.
Skin and coat health
German Shepherd Adult helps to strengthen the “barrier” role of the skin (exclusive complex) and to maintain the health of the skin and coat (EPA and DHA).
Bone and joint health
This specific formula helps maintain the integrity of bones and joints and helps maintain an ideal weight. Enriched with EPA and DHA.
Exclusive design kibble
The shape, size, texture and formula of the kibble are adapted to the German Shepherd.