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Sapsal Soft Pet Mat Blue (2 Sizes)

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat is a waterproof pet mat designed with extra cushioning to provide comfort for your pet.

Made with materials that are eco-friendly which are also used to make baby toys, Sapsal Soft Pet Mat contains no formaldehydes or phthalates which makes it safe for your pet.

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat is also a hygienic and anti-microbial mat that is free from ticks and worms unlike any other fabric and rugs.

Made to be as portable as possible, Sapsal Soft Pet Mat can be rolled up or folded and can be used in crates, kennels, porches, vehicles, boats, outdoors and camping area.

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat is also easy to clean. Simply wipe or wash with water.

For additional comfort, Sapsal Soft Pet Mat gets warmer when in contact with animal skin and warm floor to provide this extra warmth and comfort during cold days.

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat is available in 2 colours, blue and grey with yellow patterns as research shows that these are the colours that pets can recognize.

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat is certified by international certification organizations.