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Sunrise Cube Shaped Milk for Dogs 100G

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Sunrise cube shaped milk treats for Dogs. Most dogs like milk treats. It provides calcium to make their bones and teeth stronger each day.

  • Cube size
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Milk calcium
  • Helps to build strong bones & teeth

Ingredients: Starches, sugars, dairy product (milk protein, milk calcium, etc.), fats and oils, cereals, minerals (calcium phosphate), emulsifiers, thickening stabilizer (glycerin), quality maintenance agent (propylene glycol), preservatives (potassium sorbate), pH adjusting agents, perfumes, coloring agents (titanium dioxide), antioxidants (sodium erythorbate, tocopherol, rosemary extract) 

Product analysis:
Crude Protein.3.6% or more, Fats.3.6% or more, Fiber.2.0% or less, Ash.7.0% or less, Moisture.42.0% or less
Calories (per 100g).....About 235kcal

Storing Method:
Save in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight, after opening please fill up as soon as possible in the refrigerated.