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WashBar Manuka Soap for Dogs 80g

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The Manuka WashBar isn’t a smaller version of the Original WashBar Soap for Dogs. It’s made with a few different ingredients – like the Original Bar it has Neem oil in it (but more of it to make it stronger) as well as Manuka, Kanuka and Lemon Myrtle oils to work their magic.

It’s a natural alternative to medicated shampoos, as well as being an easy to use general shampoo. It’s ideal for dogs with sensitive or problem skin that need more help from their shampoo. It’s also good for other pets as well – anything with skin, hair or fur that needs cleaning. And yes it can be used on people – it’s popular as a shave soap, and a growing number of people use it to treat their eczema and other skin problems.

Dogs - it’s great on dogs that are prone to problem or scurfy skin, or hot spots – especially terriers, boxers and mastiffs. It’s also really easy to use on very long haired or doublecoated dogs.

It’s so much easier to wash with a solid bar, and massaging the soap into your pet is calming and relaxing as well. If you’ve got a problem you’d normally use a medicated shampoo or an iodine wash on – try the Manuka WashBar instead, you’ll be amazed at how good it is. And it won’t discolour your pet or your hands like iodine does. With the equivalent of over 450ml of shampoo, there’s a mighty amount of goodness and cleaning in every bar.

Vegetable soap base, active pure essential oils of Manuka, Kanuka and Lemon Myrtle, Neem oil