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Wigzi Dog Stuff 'N' Throw


Wigzi Dog Stuff n' Throw

Just stuff a soft treat in and throw! Dogs will work to get the treats out and have fun during the process. When they are done getting the treat out of one pocket, they can try for the other pocket and keep entertaining themselves for long lasting fun. This toy is 100% guaranteed tough so you can rest assured that it'll last.


  • Made of super tough material to provide endless chewing fun, while remaining easy on canine teeth and gums.
  • Bounces and floats, suitable for outdoor or water sports
  • Two treat pockets

Important: Always supervise your pet during play, and remove toy immediately if damaged.


  • Dishwasher safe

    Dishwasher safe

  • No rubber smell

    No rubber smell

  • Incredible bounce

    Incredible bounce

  • Made in The USA

    Made in The USA


S Size

2 inches in diameter

M Size

2.8 inches in diameter (size of tennis ball)

L Size

4 inches in diameter