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Wild Sanko Chewing and Scratching Pumice Step for Small Animals


The chewing and scratching pumice step is made of pumice stone, just use it as a nail clipper step scaffold to naturally use.
Corresponds to small animals such as degu, sugar glider, and small birds such as parakeets. Combine them into stairs. It can also make it vertical.

Precautions when installing
* Please consider the physical strength of the creature and the balance of the weight applied to the cage on which the creature rides.
* When installing, please fix it firmly and use it with caution. Take measures such as reinforcement if necessary.
* Please install at a height where living things can climb and descend safely.
* It may not be suitable for use due to physical strength and individual size such as old and young creatures.
 Please do not use if you feel dangerous.

Target Animal: Degu, Sugar glider, Birds.

Size: Approx. 70 x 133 x 28 mm