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Sunrise Gonta's Chicken Sausage with Sweet Potato 100g X4


Sunrise Gonta's chicken sausage with sweet potato is soft sausage packed with flavour. No preservatives were added. Your dogs can enjoy delicious and easy communication. 

Ingredients: Meat (chicken breast, chicken fillet, chicken skin), potatoes (sweet potato), sugars, thickening stabilizer (modified starch), flavouring, seasoning, emulsifier, minerals (sodium chloride), antioxidant (erythorbic acid) sodium), colouring (titanium dioxide, yellow 4), colouring agent (sodium nitrite)


Product analysis: Protein: 8.0% or more, Lipid: 8.0% or more, Crude fiber: 4.5% or less, Ash: 3.0% or less, Moisture: 65.0% or less, 80kcal/1kcal (per 100g)