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Sunrise Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato for Dogs 200g

Sunrise crinkle-cut sweet potatoes are a snack that uses sweet potato ingredients. The jagged shape of the chips enhances their deliciousness, making them perfect for snacks and training rewards. The dietary fibre contained in oligosaccharides and sweet potatoes supports the health of your dog's stomach.

Ingredients: Potatoes (sweet potato), sugars (oligosaccharides, etc.), thickening stabilizer (glycerin), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium dehydrogenate)

Product analysis: Protein: 1.5% or more, Lipid: 0.3% or more, Crude fiber: 3.5% or less, Ash: 3.0% or less, Moisture: 30.0% or less

* Avoid sunlight. Re-fridge it after opening*