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Wild Sanko Wheel Joint Pink for Roomy Cage


A dedicated joint for attaching silent wheels to the Lumy Lumy 60 series.

Size: Approx. W58 × D35 × H110mm 

Basic Installation: Pass the shaft clip part of the silent wheel from the front through the slit hole that is open in the center of the wheel joint.

Rotate the shaft clip 90 degrees from the back side and fix it. Next, attach the wheel joint with the silent wheel to the Lumy base tray.

List of compatible wheels: 

・ Silent wheel 12 (711 - 716) 
・ Silent wheel 17 (712 - 717) 
・ Silent wheel 15 (U01) 
・ Silent wheel 21 (718) 
・ Silent wheel flat 21 (U44)