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Yeaster Japanese Dog Shiba for Senior Dogs 2.2kg


Japanese Dog Shiba dog food fish flavour for senior dogs formulated with DHA/EPA, herbs (chamomile), evening primrose oil, collagen, and vitamins. Maintaining good health maintains a beautiful coat and maintains the skin barrier.

For maintaining health in old age

  • Contains collagen and glucosamine. Consideration is given to maintaining the health of joints in the elderly period.

To keep your stomach healthy.

  • Contains lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides. We care about keeping your stomach healthy.

Consideration for fecal odour

  • It contains zeolite that absorbs odours. Consideration is given to fecal odour.

Delicious fish flavour

  • Fish flavour with plenty of fish flavour. It is a delicious taste that Shiba will be pleased with.


Grains (wheat flour, corn gluten feed, rice bran, barley bran, wheat bran, defatted rice bran), beans (defatted soybeans, dried bean curd refuse), seafood (catfish meal, fish soluble), meats (pork meal), fats and oils (beef tallow), refined fish oil (DHA/EPA source), evening primrose oil (linoleic acid/γ-linolenic acid source)), green tea cake, yeast extract, zeolite, alfalfa meal, algae (kelp meal), sugars (oligosaccharides), baker's yeast (selenium source) ), dried chamomile, sterilized lactic acid bacteria, collagen, glucosamine, minerals (calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate), amino acids (DL-methionine), vitamins (choline, E, pantothenic acid, B 2, C, A, niacin, inositol, B1, B6, folic acid, K, B12, biotin, D3 )