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Health On - Activated Charcoal Plus (PORK FREE) 1kg

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Health On Activated Carbon Plus Adult Dry Cat Food is domestically produced in Japan and formulated with condition appropriate of your cat's wellbeing and maintaining palatability. 

The Activated Carbon Plus is used to absorb harmful substances in the cat's stomach and intestines and improve stool odour, while maintaining kidney health for a healthy urinary tract. 

Health On Activated Carbon Plus Adult Dry Cat Food also helps remove bacterial toxins from your cat's mouth; these can cause tooth decay and foul breath. 

Chicken meal fishes shellfish (fish meal) ,yeast extract (fish meal) with beef tallow extract flavour), cereals (maize, cornmeal, rice flour breadcrumbs), beans (dried okara, defatted soybeans), minerals (calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, zinc sulfate, potassium chloride, copper sulfate, calcium iodate), amino acids (methionine, taurine), cellulose, activated carbon (bamboo charcoal), glucose (oligosaccharides), activated charcoal, sterilized lactic acid bacteria, milk flavor, butter oil) vitamins (choline, E, niacin, A, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, K, D3, B12) 

Nutritional Analysis
Protein 26% or more Magnesium 0.11% (standard value) Lipid 9% or more Sodium 0.4% or more Crude fiber 5.5% or less Vitamin A 6000 IU/kg or more Ash 7% or less Vitamin D 600 /IU/kg or more Moisture 10% or less Vitamin E 60 IU/kg or more Calcium 0.8% or more Vitamin B1 5 mg/kg or more Rin 0.7% or more Vitamin B2 4 mg/kg or more 

Calorie Content
Metabolic energy 335 kcal or more per 100 g 

Suitable For
Adult Cats 

Feeding Instructions
Weight of cat : Amount of food per day (grams) 
2-3 kg : 40-55 g 
3-4 kg : 55-75 g 
4-5 kg : 75-95 g 
5-6 kg : 95-115 g 

Country Of Origin
Made in Japan