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Bioion® Germs-Free Air Sanitizer SUMMER 300ml

Bioion Germ-Free Air Sanitizer is ideal for homes, toilets, washrooms, shoe closets, cupboards, in-car compartment, building lobbies, hotels, hospitals, education premises, reception halls, factories, garbage & dumping areas and high-traffic areas.


Bioion Germ-Free Air Sanitizer is a plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation researched & developed from Japan. Further lab-test by Sunao Kubota (a PhD holder in Medicine, Japan), confirms that Bioion Germ-Free Air Sanitizer with its natural properties is effective and eco-safe for most usage.

It is also a deodorizer with sanitizing power that eliminates odor and kills 99.9% of bacteria commonly found airborne in any enclosed area, congested places or on any kind of surfaces. Ideal as cleansing agent, Bioion Germ-Free Air Sanitizer flushes out contaminated air, surrounding your love ones and you with better air quality for a healthier living!

Unique features:
• 100% plants extract.
• Non Alcohol.
• Eliminates Odor.
• Kills 99.99% Germs.
• Respond in 30 sec.
• Self & Care.
• Disinfects & Protects Against Virus Infection.
• Eliminates Odor (eg: Cigarette Smoke Smell Food Stench etc).
• Rejuvenates, Purifies & Refreshes Air Quality.