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Bioion® Pets Pounce BABY SANITIZER 250ml

To all parents, Baby Bio Ion will absolutely keep you relax. Baby Bio Ion contains RO water and works the best as non-allergenic, non-irritant and fragrance free sanitizer.
You can keep protecting your baby against any unwanted contempt with ease.
It is non allergenic, non irritating fragrance-free deodorizer with the sanitizing power to eliminate odor, leaving your baby’s skin smooth & protected.
Bio Ion Baby 👶🏻 Hand & Accessories Sanitizer with RO water content is our special produce for a non allergenic, non irritant, fragrance-free sanitizer for cleansing and odor eliminating around vomited area, leaving your baby and their surrounding fresh smelling, well protected against any unwanted contempt from arising.
This baby sanitizer is a 100% plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation researched & developed in Japan. Bio Ion Baby Hand & Accessories Sanitizer with its natural properties is effective & eco-safe for most usage.
Benefits: – 100% Plants Extract – RO Water Based💧 – Eliminates Odor – Kills 99.99% Germs – Respond in 30 sec – Disinfects & protects against virus infection – Rejuvenates, purifies & refreshes air quality.