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Bioion® Fragrance-Free Hand Foam Sanitizer 80ml

Bioion Hand & Body Sanitizer is Japanese produce via natural process compounding 100% plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation. Lab-tested by Prof. Sunao Kubato (a Ph.D. holder of Medicine, Japan) confirms that the product is effective and eco-safe for most usage.

Bioion Hand & Body Sanitizer deodorizes and sanitizes whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria on your hand & body. Bioion Hand & Body Sanitizer is the ideal sanitizing agent for body odor & other areas of your body exposed to the contaminated environments.

• 100% Plants Extract⁣
• Non-Alcohol⁣
• Eliminates Odor⁣
• Kills 99.99% Germs⁣
• Disinfects & Protects Against Virus Infection⁣
• Respond in 30 seconds⁣

Bioion Hand & Body Sanitizer is a safe, gentle, and effective formula for all ages and skin types.⁣