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Cature® Eye Cleanser 120ml [Dog & Cat]


Natural And Effective Formula With Plant Extracts

Natural Hamamelis and Natural Wild Chrysanthemum Extract as the core function ingredients. It soothes and nourishes pet eyes, softens and cleans foreign bodies and tear marks from pet’s eyes. It also inhibits the bacterial growth to prevent infection.
Its pH value is the same as that of the tear fluid of dogs and cats, no irritation.

Cature PureLab Eye Cleanser uses ALL natural ingredients to helps soften & removes dried secretions. It cleans pet eyes and eyelids, removing foreign bodies (plant debris, dust, sand, etc) It also soothes & nourishes the eyes and skin around the eye area without irritate the eyes. It is suitable for dogs and cats of any age.


  • Cleanse pet eyes and eyelid area
  • Soften & Removes Dried secretions
  • Inhibits bacteria growth, preventing eye infections
  • Soothes & nourishes the eyes and skin around the eye area



Boric acid, sodium borate, sodium chloride, witch hazel extract, wild chrysanthemum extract, silver ions antibacterial agent, purified water, etc.

* Witch Hazel Extract has the ability to reduce inflammation makes it an ideal natural remedy for treating inflammation. Witch Hazel is a topical astringent derived from the bark and leaves of Hamamelis Virginiana, the common or North American Witch Hazel shrub.


PureLab Eye Cleanser is safe and simple to use, just pour onto a clean cotton pad or cloth and use it daily for the following indications: - Reduce tear stains and prevent irritation and conjunctivitis. - Removes discharges that accumulate in your pet's eyes, eyelids, and facial folds. -To nourish the blood vessels of the eyes and stimulate tissue healing.


For animal use only. For Topical use only.


Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in dry place and prevent children from touching.- Eye Cleanser for Pets.