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Dr Pepe Organic Coco Chips

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Dr Pepe Organic Coco Chips are made from Organic Coconuts Tree that is a healthy snack treats for your pets. This organic Coco chip can help in your pets’ weight control, allergies and boost immunity. It can improve skin & fur and prevent tooth decay & Gum disease. No preservative, No artificial sweetener, No Spice. 100% natural rich in dietary fibre

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm

Vegetable-Fruits Dehydrated

Ingredients ( Nutritional content per 100g)

Niacin: 0.10mg, Sodium: 25.0g
Protein: 0.3g, Saccharide:47.g
Vitamin B6: 0.01mg, Vitamin C: 0.24mg
Vitamin E: 0.45mg, Dietary Fibre: 1.10g
Zinc: 0.12mg, Hexane: 2.00mg
In: 13.00mg, Lipid: 0.2mg
Iron: 0.3mg, Arm: 147 mg
Strength: 20mg, Cholesterol : 0g
Ash: 0.6g, GA: 16.39%, Crude Protein: 16.74%, Moisture : 6.9%, Crude Oil : 15.98 %, Viewed from 4/34%

Form of Feed


Date of Manufacture

Notation ( Year/ Month/ Date)

Shelf Life

2 year from date of Manufacture

Country of Manufacture


Recommended Daily Intake

Based on pets weight
Under 3kg = 1 grams
Under 6 kg = 2 grams
Under 10kg = 3 grams
Under 15 kg = 5 grams
Under 20 kg = 10 grams
3 times a day before meal