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DR Pets™ - Anti Bacterial Pet Perfume Inspired by Lady Million 50ml

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This product marks a first-in-time creation of a World's first organic, anti-bacterial and non-alcoholic pet perfume that is enriched with 100% organic aloe vera extract. It's main functions beside using international designer perfume imported from Europe are to get rid of bacterial, smoke, sweat and at the same time moisturises the coat with a UV shield and promote shine on pet’s coat.

  • World's 1st 3 in1 formula 
  • Leave in UV Protected Conditioner similar as Hair Serum
  • Anti Germ hence can be used as waterless dry pet shampoo
  • World Renowned International Perfumes 
  • Is it Non - Alcoholic hence not harmful to pet's skin
  • Added with 100% Organic Aloe Vera for healing and soothing
  • Safe to use for all types of pets with perfect PH7.5
  • Easy to use