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Earth Pet Staminol for Cats Hair Ball Care 50g

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Paste type nutrition supplement food that is delicious and easy to give. Combination with dietary fiber to remove swallowed hair and care for hairballs. Contains wheat germ oil that is rich in essential fatty acids and natural vitamins such as vitamin E. Contains refined tuna oil rich in DHA.  Contains an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals. Contains taurine an essential nutrient for cats. The tuna taste makes your cat look joyful.


Sugar. wheat germ oil. vegetable oils and fats. refined salmon fish oil (containing DHA). powdered soy protein. glucose. cellulose. L.carnitine. preservatives (dehydroacetate Na. paraoxybenzoic acid). taurine. vitamins (A . D3. E. B1. B2. B6. nicotinamide. pantothenic acid. folic acid. B12. choline). minerals (Na. Cl. P. K. Ca. Zn. Fe. I. Mn. Cu)