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Jolly Cat Bentonite Litter BABY POWDER Cat Sand Litter 10L

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Super condensed cat litter: Clumping cat litter is carefully designed to fine particles. Strong Clumping: When wet, the cat litter will quickly absorb moisture and clump together to facillitate removal of feces and urine. Ordor controlling: It's super absorbing function can eliminate any odor to achieve a better deodorization effect than that of common cat litter.


Bentonite, Clumping clay, Eco- friendly additives for odor control.


  • Fill litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of jolly Cat litter.
  • Jolly Cat is designed to form a clump around liquid water instantly. Scoop Up and dispose of clumps and solids.
  • It is advisable to empty and clean entire litter box every month, and dispose of contents in the bin.