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JoyPet Natural Deodorant Spray Dog Odor 270ml

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JoyPet Natural Deodorant Spray Dog Odor 270ml contains Grapefruit seed and Ginger extract – natural antibacterial ingredients to deodorise and disinfect your house. The herbal scent will remove any unpleasant odor and eliminate germs from pee stains. Non-alcoholic type-safe flooring and carpets. 


  • For use on flooring, carpet, mats 
  • To remove the odor and bacteria of pee stains and poop stains 
  • To clean your pet's toilet and other parts of the house 


Water, carbonized green tea, ginger coke oven products, Grapefruit seed extract, disinfectants, fragrances (herbal scent)

* Active ingredient in deodorant is 100% natural plant extracts.