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Kit4cat - Check Up Test Kit for Dogs

CheckUp is a quick, simple, and reliable testing method to give you an overall picture of your dog’s wellness through at home urine testing.
CheckUp can detect the most common issues amongst domestic dogs including High Glucose Levels, Kidney Failure, Urinary Tract Infection, and Blood in Urine. By using CheckUp, you can detect a health condition in time to prevent health deterioration and improve your dog's lifespan. You can also monitor your dog's health as required by a veterinarian.

Detect Common Conditions Like"
  • High Glucose Levels
  • Kidney Failure (Protein)
  • Urinary Tract Infection (pH)
  • Blood in Urine
- Ideal for Aging & Overweight Dogs
- 60 Second Testing
- Easy to Use Do it Yourself
- One-Time-Use and Easy Disposal
- Non Invasive and Stress Free
- Recommended by Top Veterinarians
- Fast and Easy Assembly
- Obtain a Clean, Uncontaminated Sample
- On-The-Spot 4 Test Results