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Marukan Catnip Teaser Peacock Feather


CT433 Natural Fragrance Teaser Peacock Feather a cat teaser made with natural feathers of a peacock and matatabi stick for the scent and taste, increasing the chase and hunt by ten fold.


Sliver vine (also known as Matatabi) has been known to elicit euphoric response in cats much more intense than catnip. One of three cats (about 33%)does not react to catnips while 80% of the cats positively react to Silver vine. Thus making Silver Vine a great alternative to catnip. A study done by University of Illinois has shown that cats played two and half times longer with the toys associated with Matatabi/Silvervine, than those sprinkled with regular catnip.

Many fun behaviors has been witness with Silver Vine, such as rolling, licking, drooling, increased playfulness and a general increase in cat activity have been noted. Cats tend to chew Silver vine to strengthen the effects and it has been widely reported that this can help to clean cats’ teeth and reduce the amount of plaque. Like catnip you can use it to entice your kitty to use her scratching post the expensive bed it wants nothing to do with it.