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Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats 60g [for Cats] 60g


Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats are formulated with carefully chosen ingredients to help support your cat’s urinary system.

Natural, non-GMO & human grade ingredients are used in Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats to help reduce urinary problems & urinary tract infections (UTI).

Enriched with multiple nutrients, Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats has a balanced formula that contain beneficial ingredients such as:

  • D-mannose: A type of sugar (glucose) that slows down protein loss and promotes liver function. It helps to reduce bleeding disorders and low blood sugar. Effective in the treatment & prevention of UTI infection and recurrence in cats.
  • Cranberry Berry Extract: Rich in antioxidant properties and nutrients to fight infections and boost overall immunity and health, lower blood sugar and support cardiovascular & gum health. Reduce risk of UTI and prevent recurrence. Prevent free radical damage to cells.
  • Pumpkin Extract: Made from pumpkin seeds, they are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Used to support urinary incontinence. Pumpkin seeds also contain cucurbitacin that acts upon intestinal parasites to protect gut health.
  • Silica: Improves tissue integrity & helps strengthen urinary tract tissues. It has a soothing effect on the urinary tract and aids the body in using anti-inflammatory copper which is essential in forming red blood cells. Metabolise calcium to prevent the formation of kidney stones & aids in dissolving them if formed. It is also great for bone, skin, hair and nails development.
  • Cornsilk: Reduce inflammation and irritation, regulate blood sugar levels. Supports the urinary tract by strengthening the lining of the bladder. Cornsilk helps to get rid of excess fluid and increase excretion of urine.
  • Magnesium: A mineral essential for proper cell function. It helps to regulate blood pressure, ensure strong bones and regular heart rhythms. Supports urinary health & improves bladder control by preventing occasional incontinence due to muscle spasms in the bladder.
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6): It is required for proper functions of sugars, fats & proteins in the body. Pyridoxine is essential for healthy brain development, healthy nervous and immune systems, aid with bladder infections and kidney stones.
  • Riboflavin (vitamins B2): Essential for proper development of gastrointestinal tract, blood cells, brain function and skin. Reduce possibility of vitamin B2 deficiency health problems such as weight loss, fatty accumulation in the liver and anorexia.

Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats is NASC certified and made in the USA — it is suitable for cats of all life stages and breeds!

Suitable For
Cats if all life stages and breeds.

Country of Origin
Made in the USA.

Feeding Guidelines
Use 1 scoop (included) of Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats daily per 5 kg of body weight, divided between two servings for maximum results.

1 scoop = 1 g.
2.5 kg = ½ scoop daily
3.75 kg = ¾ scoop daily
5 kg = 1 scoop daily

Daily serving can be doubled for saturation serving.

Product Size

Please Note
Store in a cool, dry palace. It is recommended to refrigerate Maxxipaws MaxxiUtract Supplement For Cats after opening.