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Happy Bond Days Collagen Joint Supplement Adult (3-7 years)

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Natural, Human-Grade Collagen, Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamins. This is the HappyBond - Happy Days Joint Supplement. Suitable for Cats too.

Happy Bond was developed by Anja Skodda, a Biotech Scientist who specialises in cartilage tissue engineering, and endorsed by Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

Its unique formula with glucosamine for dogs is combined with the highest-grade hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. It’s the best choice to give your pet. Just sprinkle over their food daily.

  • IMPROVES MOBILITY: Formulated to support joint health. Use on young dogs to keep joints healthy as they age.
  • COLLAGEN: The highest quality of hydrolyzed collagen from Germany helps induce the production of cartilage, keeping joints elastic and mobile. It also protects skin and coat
  • GLUCOSAMINE: Aids with supporting healthy cartilage and increasing and maintaining fluids around the joints
  • HYALURONIC ACID and VITAMINS: Combined with the core ingredients to produce the highest quality formula. It has the highest concentration of active ingredients among brands in the category
  • 100% SAFETESTED and APPROVED: Sourced and manufactured in Germany, adhering to strict production standards.

Premium formula specially engineered to aid in canine hip and joint health. Your dog can be pain-free and happy again with Happy Bond's unique all-natural supplement blend.


Provides relief for:

  • HIP DYSPLASIA: Studies show that Happy Bond's ingredients can help to prevent and support the treatment of hip dysplasia, improving mobility
  • ARTHRITIS: A natural process of cartilage loss in aging dogs but often occurs earlier due to overbreeding or genetic causes. Studies show that Happy Bond's ingredients can induce the formation of collagen type II and can help prevent arthritis and reduce existing arthritis symptoms
  • STIFFNESS: It can be due to insufficient nutrients and the natural loss of cartilage as our dogs age. Happy Bond provides the synovial fluid with all necessary nutrients to "oil" the joint system, improving the ability to move around
  • HOT SPOTS: They're caused by irritated skin. Happy Bond helps the skin by keeping it hydrated and supports the matrix of the connective tissue

Puppies and Younger Pups
Use Happy Bond as a preventative! It can help keep your young dog’s joints elastic and cartilage strong, maintaining their youth. Prolong their youth and keep their coat shiny.

Adult and Aging Dogs
If your dog/cat is stiff getting up, seems reluctant to engage in normal activities or already has joint pain, then Happy Bond may be able to help.


Happy Bond can help rebuild your dog's cartilage, prolonging their youth and helping older dogs improve their mobility. Your dog’s joints are primarily composed of collagen, which naturally deteriorates with age, often resulting in stiffness, joint pain, and discomfort.


Combining the highest-grade blend of collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, Happy Bond’s special formula can help to improve your dog's life.


Direction for use:

1 canister contains up to 80 scoops

  • 0 - 20 lbs 1 tsp powder daily
  • 20 - 80 lbs 2 tsp powder daily
  • 80+ lbs 3 tsp powder daily
  • Puppies and Young

    Happy Again’s unique formula with glucosamine for Puppies & Young dogs is combined with the highest-grade hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It’s the best choice to give your pet. Just sprinkle over their food daily.


    Happy Again’s collagen has an all natural flavor and your Puppies & Young dogs will love it!


    Happy Again is made from all active ingredients with zero fillers ensuring the best quality for your dog.


    Perfect for all dogs up to the age of 3.