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Monge Natural Superpremium Kitten Rich In Chicken Cat Dry Food (2 Sizes)


Monge Natural Superpremium Kitten are a complete food for kittens from 1 to 12 months of age. Guarantee the well-being of your cat thanks to their very high-quality nutrients, which are the result of Made in Italy research.

The main ingredient is chicken and they are enriched with XOS (xylo-oligosaccharides), natural prebiotics which keeps the intestine healthy. The optimal ratio between calcium and phosphorus ensures balanced growth and is rich in Omega 3/6 for healthy skin and coat.


  • Comes in 1.5kg & 10kg size
  • Rich in chicken
  • Enriched with XOS (xylo-oligosaccharides) & natural prebiotics
  • Rich in Omega 3/6
  • For kittens

Feeding Instructions 

It can be administered at will or rationed according to the weight and age of your kitten. The daily ration should be divided into 2/3 meals. For lactating females the croquettes must be improvised, since the needs of the cat vary according to the number of children. It is necessary to always leave fresh water available. Keep in a cold and dry place.