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Optimus Pet The Potent Vials

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From Nourishing To Treating & To Preventing – Optimus Pet Fulfills All 3 Categories. Your pets will thrive even in a toxic environment.

They will play with lasting stamina, heal with organic speed & live a long & joyful life! Optimus Pet continues to strive for nutritional excellence and quality through a revolutionary diet formula.

Noteworthy: Optimus Pet is not a drug, medicinal herb, nor a synthetic isolated pill. It's simply plant food. Optimus Pet is a 100% high-end wholesome vegetable source with absolutely no chemical additives, preservatives & man-made ingredients.

It is a plant-based diet with high-value amino acids (the building blocks of protein - & then part of the peptides formed later to combat cancer cells) that surpasses beef & complex omega fats that is safer & in higher levels than wild salmon or tuna.

The Potent Vials Are Good For?

If your pet is at age 4 & above & you want him;her to undergo a organic cleansing on a molecular level, then The Potent Vials would be a great option.

If your pet is suffering from any form of disease, as in cancer, diabetes, heatstroke, UTI, cardiocvascular problems, high cholesterol, eye infections, immune system deficiency, FeLv, liver/kidneys/thyroid failures, etc etc....The Potent Vials will be your pet's best ally in healing....

The multi-dimensional use of The Potent Vials are fit for all animals at stages of life, healthy or not. Choose Optimus Pet & see your pets get nourished & flourished in optimum health - It's a no-brainer!

Key Benefits:
–  100% Natural, Organic, Plant based Superfood
–  Strengthens immunity system
–  Reduces inflammation
–  Improves skin & coat
–  Improves strength & agility
–  Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free; no artificial fillers, preservatives, antibiotics or steroids
–  Suitable for all animals (e.g. Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds) and life stages


Country Of Origin:  Made In Taiwan.