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PawCare® Paw Cleaning Gel 100ml x 6 Packs

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PawCare Paw Cleaning Gel has been developed to respond to a real need of many dog owners. Made with naturally active ingredients, PawCare greatly improves the well-being of your pet and hygiene in your household, and is a true product innovation for easy and natural care for dog paws, every day of the year.

Benefits of PawCare Paw Cleaning Gel:
  • Helps against allergies – small wounds – irritations of the paws
  • Eliminates germs and harmful particles in between pads
  • Antiseptic properties – moisturizing – enhances cell regeneration

    Directions of Use
  • Use PawCare right after walking your dog to complement your existing cleaning routines.
  • Take PawCare out of the resealable zip bag. (Tip: First use a towel to clean the paws if they are very dirty or wet)
  • Gently press the paw into the compound for 2-3 seconds. Dirt, germs and other harmful particles in between the pads are absorbed and the paws naturally cared for.
  • Repeat the action on all paws as needed.
  • Put PawCare back into the zip bag after use and reseal properly until the next application. PawCare can be re-used for one week after first opening the zip bag. Dispose of in household waste thereafter.

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