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PawCare® Paw Cleaning Set for Dogs 380ml

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PawCare has been developed to respond to a real need of many dog owners. PawCare greatly improves the well-being of your pet and hygiene in your household. Regular usage of PawCare efficiently helps to remove harmful germs on the sensitive paws and preventing painful lacerations from developing on paws.

The natural active ingredients are soothing and help the cell regeneration process. PawCare provides gently and naturally groomed for your pets.

How does the PawCare Set for Dogs work?
  • The compound gently penetrates between the pads and claws
  • Dirt, germs, loose hair, debris and other particles are encapsulated by PawCare
  • Small wounds are effectively cleaned
  • Active natural ingredients enhance the cell regenerating process and moisturise the pads
  • The groomed paws will feel soft and smell good.

    PawCare can be applied multiple times until the compound has reached its maximum absorption capacity. After PawCare has discoloured, it is time to replace it. PawCare is Biodegradable.

    Directions of Use
  • Take your pet's paw and gently press it into the PawCare compound.
  • Remove after 2 to 3 seconds. Wet paws must be dried before cleaning.
  • After application, fold the compound over the used area, put it back into the container and close the lid.

    Made of high quality materials with perfect seal lids