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PeeWee Eco Wood Litter 9kg

PeeWee pellets are instantly absorbing. They begin absorbing within a few seconds and with a high absorption rate of 300% they are on of the best cat litter brands on the market today. So many pet owners get frustrated because their cat leaves odors all around the litter box, but now, with PeeWee cat litter, you can remove that odour and quit covering it up. 

Although PeeWee cat litter will work with any type of litter bin, it is specifically designed to work with the PeeWee cat litter tray, which is a high tray that has a double layered bottom. PeeWee pellets are perfect for cat owners who want to own a cat without having to deal with an odour problem and have the best possible absorption of urine. PeeWeek cat litter is easy to use and easy to clean, without moisture reaching the bottom of the litter tray. That makes cleanup easier and more pleasant for everyone.