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Petmate Litter Scoop W/Microban


The Petmate ® Classic Litter Scoop is constructed using an eco-friendly plastic with antimicrobial protection. Microban ® technology helps to fight against the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew. The handle is specially designed to be user-friendly, so it's easy to scoop. Durable construction means of years of long-lasting use. Proudly Made in the USA.


Length of Handle: approx. 14cm
Width of Scoop: approx. 10cm
Length of Scoop: approx. 11cm
Depth of Scoop: approx. 3cm

Length of Handle: approx. 16cm
Width of Scoop: approx. 12cm
Length of Scoop: approx. 13cm
Depth of Scoop: approx. 5cm
Product Weight
.25 LB


  • Made using Microban that makes it stain and odor resistant
  • The specially designed handle is user-friendly 
  • Extra-wide mouth and large slits for easy sifting
  • The strong durable material will last for years