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Royal Canin Canine Mini Dermacomfort Dry Dog Food (3 Sizes)

Small dogs need more than just a small kibble. They need more energy than big dogs and they have a shorter and more intense growth period.
Plus, they typically live longer than large dogs, and have a more finicky appetite.Royal Canin Small formulas are designed to meet the specific needs of small dogs throughout every stage of their life.

  • SMALL SENSITIVE SKIN CARE is formulated with an exclusive complex of nutrients including specific amino acids, and other key nutrients to help nourish the coat.
  • Small breed dogs are prone to tartar formation. SMALL SENSITIVE SKIN CARE helps reduce tartar build-up with a kibble shape and size to help “scrub” the teeth as the dog chews the kibble.
        • Breed Size: Small Size
        • Life Stage: All Stages
        • Protein: Vegetables
        • Size: 1kg, 3kg, 8kg
        • Made In: France