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Sanabelle Snack Vitality Cat Treats 20g


The Sanabelle VITALITY-SNACK has a balanced nutrient content and balanced levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The special joint protection complex supports the proper functioning of cartilage, particularly in the joints.

  • strengthening natural defenses
  • suitable for both outdoor and indoor cats
  • especially tasty and digestible


Fresh poultry (min. 20 %), rice, animal fat, millet, poultry meat meal, liver (dehydrated), beet pulp (sugar removed), gelatine hydrolysate, hydrolysed protein, meat meal,greaves (dehydrated), linseed, powdered egg , fish oil, calcium carbonate, yeast (dehydrated), cellulose fibres, mussel powder, potassium chloride, cranberry (dehydrated), blueberry (dehydrated), chicory powder, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, blooms of marigold (dehydrated), yucca extracts (dehydrated).