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Sumo Cat® - Flushable Cat Litter 6kg X3 (Coffee)

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The Ultimate 100% Flushable Clay Cat Litter


Introducing the new generation clay cat litter – easily dissolved and flushed without clogging! SUMO CAT’s flushable clay cat litter ensures enhanced clumping effect using different-sized 1 mm – 3.5 mm granules. These granules speedily fill up gaps to form solid clumps that do not break when scooped. They also trap bad odour, thus maintaining the freshness around your house and encouraging your cat to use the litter box.
Upon contact with water, the clumps will quickly dissolve to form a soft residue that can be flushed without clogging the system.

Did you know?

Cats are hygienic animals. If the litter box is dirty or smelly, they will be deterred from using them. It is therefore necessary to keep the litter box clean. The solution from SUMOCAT® is simple. Use our 100% flushable cat litter. Once clumps are formed, simply scoop them up and flush away. This is the easy, convenient and happy solution for both cats and owners.


SUMOCAT®’s R&D department has worked very hard to develop this unique product with superb absorption capacity and capability. It rapidly clumps up with the right hardness and does not break easily during scooping. Importantly, it dissolves into a layer of residue when immersed in water so that it can be easily flushed without clogging the system!


Truly simple and hassle-free!


Directions :

  1. Fill & refill up your cat litter tray to approximately 7 cm in height with Aristo-Cats® Flushable Cat Litter.
  2. Regularly remove clumps and solid waste from tray to maintain the freshness of the remaining cat litter.
  3. Due to varying flushing water pressure, for better results, wait 20 seconds for the clump to dissolve inside the toilet bowl before flushing.