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Nurture Pro Natural Bentonite Cat Litter Unscented 10L


nurturepro™ Natural Bentonite Cat Litter is made entirely of sodium bentonite, a natural mineral clay that’s ultra-absorbent with powerful clumping ability. It seals moisture, liquid, and odor. Its’ antibacterial, 99.99% dust-free, and easy to scoop!

nurturepro(™) Natural Bentonite Cat Litter is non-toxic and safe for cats at all life stages.

  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Non-toxic and Safe for Kittens
  • Advanced Odor Control


Main Claims

  • Strong Clumping
  • Ultra-absorbency
  • 99.99% Dust-free
  • Easy to Scoop
  • Antibacterial



The Bentonite Cat Litter is a perfect material for your feline sanitary needs. Its super absorbency locked up moisture, urine, and odor. while the strong clumping makes it super simple to clean up the litter bin.


Direction of use

  1. Fill a clean litter tray with 5-7 cm of nurturepro™ Natural Bentonite Cat Litter.
  2. Remove clumps daily and dispose responsibly.
  3. Maintain the litter box with 5-7 cm of nurturepro™ Natural Bentonite Cat Litter at all times.
  4. Empty the entire litter tray and replace it with fresh cat litter at least once a month.



  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach from children.

nurturepro™ Natural Bentonite Cat Litter, a New Packing from Tom and Pus Bentonite Cat Litter