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Toro Cat Treat Plus White Meat Tuna with Alaska Salmon and Vitamin A for Healthy Vision 75g (15g x 5pcs)


Toro Plus White Meat Tuna With Alaska Salmon is a premium and healthy creamy treat for cats. Made from high quality white meat tuna and the taste is enhanced with delicious Alaska salmon.

Enriched with protein from Tuna, Taurine and extra Vitamin A, this unique formula helps nourish eyes and enhance your cat's vision. Toro Plus is a perfect reward for your beloved pet with exceptional taste and health benefit.

    White Meat Tuna, Alaska Salmon, Modified Tapioca Starch, Enhancer, Tuna Extract, Guar Gum, Vitamin A, Taurine.

    Feeding Instructions
    Daily feeding amount can be adjusted according to you cat’s size, weight, age and activity level. Serve fresh from pouch at room temperature.

    For cat over 2 months old. It is recommended to mix with other nutritional food to meet cat’s dietary needs. Keep supplying water for your cat regularly.

    Country Of Origin
    Made in Thailand.

    Product Weight
    5 sachets x 15g.