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Vitakraft Poesie Delice Coalfish in SAUCE 85G X69


These delicious appetizers with exquisite pollack in a fine sauce are a true poem for every cat and inspire with their unique taste.

Poésie® Délice contains natural, high-quality pieces of fish for pure enjoyment that your house tiger will love. The best ingredients guarantee the highest quality and are nutritionally perfectly tailored to the needs of the cat. Your darling will not be able to get enough of this delicacy either. Vitakraft. Out of love.

Wet food for adult cats
With select saithe in sauce
From an MSC certified sustainable fishery
Sugar-free recipe
Without the addition of grain
Without artificial colors and preservatives
Without artificial flavors
In a bag of 85 g


Meat and animal derivatives (45%), fish and fish derivatives (10% coalfish), derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture 81%. Raw Protein 11%. Raw Fat 4%. Raw Ash 2%. Raw Fibre 0.3%.