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YU Camellia Nourish Formula Shampoo 400ml

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YU, the unique pet care from Asia showcases an extensive line of grooming products that combines a rich blend of exceptional oriental herbs and flora.
YU grooming products are made with superior ingredients and formulated to ensure that your pet is not only pampered but healthy too.

YU Camellia Nourish Formula Shampoo cleanses and gently pampers your pet’s skin and coat.
This shampoo is fortified with Camellia essence that strengthens damaged fur from inside and nourishes for a healthy smooth coat.
Exclusive scents of this shampoo reveal a captivating exotic bouquet.

YU Camellia Nouriush Formula Shampoo is available in two sizes - 400ml and 4000ml.

Camellia Oil, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Vitamin B6, Epilobium Fleischeri Extract.

(1) Wet your pets coat down to the skin.
(2) Apply an adequate amount of product onto the palm of your hand and rub into a soft lather.
(3) Massage thoroughly.
(4) Rinse off completely with clean water.