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Cature® Ear Cleanser 120ml [Dog & Cat]

Removing Dirt & Mites
100% Natural, Mild and Quick-dry Formula

A variety of plant extract is its core ingredients.

Cature PureLab Ear Cleanser uses ALL natural ingredients to helps cleanse ear mites and dirt in the ear Canal. It does not cause irritation to the pets ear canal.

Suitable to use for dogs and cats of any age.


  • Dissolves pet excess ear wax, oil, kill ear mites, ear wax and necrotic debris
  • Inhibits ear canal bacteria, removes odor, cleanse the ear canal and relieves ear canal sensitivity and itching
  • Cleanses ear canals with severe otitis extema



Tea tree pure dew, chamomile pure dew, plant extract soothing agent, grapefruit seed extract, white willow bark extract, eucalyptus oil, purified water, etc.


Shake well before using. Turn the white nozzle to open the product. Fill the ear canal with the ear cleanser, gently rub massage the base root of the ear cleanser, gently rub massage the base root of the ear for 1-2 minutes, then let the cat and dog shake it out. Then wipe the interior ear flap with cotton or clean cloth. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week to daily routine use.


For animal use only. For Topical use only.


Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in dry place and prevent children from touching.