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Marukan Relax Travel Soft Carry 3WAY (BACKPACK CARRIER)


When going out, both the pet and the owner can easily move
1 as a backpack. Easy to
carry on your back Chin 2 For carry back. Can be installed at
3 drives. Perfectly fixed by wearing a seat belt

・ With pop-out prevention lead
・ Large mesh window can be opened
and closed・ Breathable perfect with 3-sided mesh window
・ Soft mat can be removed

 Standard retail price (excluding tax): OPEN

 Weight: Approximately 1.3kg

 Body size (mm): W390 x D260 x H345 mm (inner dimensions: W380 x D220 x 330 mm)

 Target animals: For ultra-small and small dogs (load capacity: up to about 7 kg)

 JAN: 4906456564997